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Perpetual Plastic Project

Connect with this project on Facebook! This project is about giving function to waste on-the-spot. For now, it is focussed around plastic cups. The ones that come out of the coffee machine at… Continue reading

Bespoke Recumbent Bicycle Seat

This project was about creating a seating for the riders of a HPV for the world human powered speed challenge (Battle Mountain) and was part of my contribution to the Human Power Team… Continue reading

Portable Arctic Weather Station

This project was about designing and building a weather station for the north pole that could be deployed by men on ski-and-sled expeditions. It had to be portable: compact/foldable and lightweight, easily installed… Continue reading

Musical Instruments for the Disabled

This project was about finding a new business opportunity for the company STEIM (Foundation Electronic Instrumental Music) located in Amsterdam. The final goal was to create prototypes that could be used by patients… Continue reading

Hand Built Bicycle Computer

This project was about setting up a research method based on the question: could regenerative braking be feasible for the urban cyclist? A more precise computer was needed that could measure accelerations accurately in order… Continue reading

Building a Banjo

In my free time I do an instrument building class. It’s actually more of a zen moment then a hardcore production course. Stay posted for updates! The latest advancement:

Design Visualisations

A picture says more then a thousand words. Here I would like to show some of my projects because of the visual communication of the design. This movie clip was made for the… Continue reading