I am Gaspard, an Industrial Design Engineering student at the TU Delft. I expect to graduate around January 2013 on an innovative e-bike concept.

For my curriculum, I am doing the masters Integrated Product Design, specializing in sustainable design. During my time as a student I have grown an affinity for specialized and technical projects rather then the usual mass produced household appliance. It’s fun to be challenged with complex problems and then come up with elegant solutions. Also, I would say I’m rather good at organizing stuff (like teams, events, and design projects).

I own an atelier/workspace with some friends/colleagues in Rotterdam. Check us out at Reiger + Studio.

Design may be my work and hobby but music was my first love. Check out some of my stuff at gaspard.bandcamp.com, capnoats.bandcamp.com and melikeyou.bandcamp.com.

this is me

Now you can recognize me.