The Ideal Electric Bicycle for Commuters

Poster This was my Msc graduation project / thesis done for the company Spaac, which resulted in my final thesis in July 2013. Spaac is a startup from the Netherland that wants to develop the ideal electric bicycle for young urban commuters. Because of the long lasting bicycle culture in the Netherlands and the belief that cycling is healthy there has been a resistance towards the more wide-spread adoption of e-bikes. But in theory these bikes present a cheap and fast alternative compared to other modes of transport. I adopted the cultural strategy method from Douglas Holt in order to define the design requirements because in this specific market the consumer cannot clearly estimate product performance and thus they found their purchasing decisions on other factors. In my design I circumvented the highest risk for product failure by careful selection of components, implemented product features as a result of target group testing and designed a product architecture that was coherent with the cultural strategy. Finally, doing this assignment taught me a lot about the bicycle market and as well what it takes to start up a company with limited resources.