Perpetual Plastic Project

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This project is about giving function to waste on-the-spot. For now, it is focussed around plastic cups. The ones that come out of the coffee machine at my faculty were the ones that first inspired the idea. Why throw away such a nice homogenous source of material into the mixed waste stream? The same goes for the drinking cups at the Lowlands festival. That’s why, together with Better Future Factory, me and my friends from Reiger + Studio set out to design a mobile setup that could remake those plastic cups into useful things.
Note: Useful in the context of a festival can also mean: fun!
In cooperation with the TU Delft, we will be hosting the installation live for the first time at the Llowlab: the floating laboratory for innovation and discussion. The visitors are invited to operate the machines themselves, thereby allowing them to form their own thoughts about consumption and production.

We designed and built the entire installation and all the machines (except the 3d printers) ourselves. This project involved recycling of materials, prototyping and testing, designing an interactive production line and coming up with concepts about a local approach to waste.