Portable Arctic Weather Station

This project was about designing and building a weather station for the north pole that could be deployed by men on ski-and-sled expeditions. It had to be portable: compact/foldable and lightweight, easily installed at -50 degrees Celsius with thick gloves and be able to resist wind speeds of 100km/h and heavy exposure to UV. It was coated with durable white laquer not only to prevent heating up of the electrical components and melting of the snow around the feet but also to camouflage it against polar bears.

This project involved creating a redesign based on previous prototypes, working with composites and aluminum, integration of delicate electronics and designing for extreme weather conditions, portability and fast deployment.

Project Presentation Poster

All the facets of the project: conceptualizing, designing, engineering, prototyping and some more.

This project was done together with

Joris Nielander

Casper van der Meer

Bart Bleijerveld

Jasper de Vreede