Musical Instruments for the Disabled

This project was about finding a new business opportunity for the company STEIM (Foundation Electronic Instrumental Music) located in Amsterdam.

The final goal was to create prototypes that could be used by patients together with caregivers as pass-time or with musical therapists as therapy. We did user testing with a child because of difficulties getting approval of the institute.

The project involved designing non-conventional, physical musical interfaces that allowed for a wide variety of use patterns and could be adapted electronically to different kinds of musical output. The prototyping involved fitting sensors into the interfaces, mapping their input through Max and Live and choosing sounds. I also experimented with materials like concrete, coconut fiber, wood and leather.

See the products in action here.

this project was done together with

Mikel Porras 

Menno Meeldijk

Jesper Minjon

Gunjan Singh

Diana Alarcon